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Useful Links



Dakar Eats is a blog and Instagram run by a Dakar resident about where to eat around the city. It features reviews of new restaurants and products in Dakar.


Dakar Women's Group is a social and charitable organization for English-speaking women living in Dakar.


La Palabre is the "unofficial newsletter of the CLO office in Dakar." The CLO office is the Community Liason Office for the US Embassy in Dakar, and there are plenty of useful links and information on the La Palabre website! 


Facebook Groups:


Parents in Dakar is a great group for any parent. Members sell kid-related items as well as ask questions many parents find useful. 

The Gazelle Skirt is a Facebook group focused on fashion and lifestyle for women in Dakar. The group only accepts women. 


Dakarium Craigslist is a marketplace to buy and sell items and ask for recommendations in Dakar. 


Dakar Yoga and Healing Arts Community is a Facebook community for yoga, meditation and the wellness community in Dakar.


The ISD Bulletin Board is a Facebook group for ISD Parents and Faculty to ask questions and have a space for discussion about a wide range of topics. 

ISD Links:

The Jaguar Journal is the ISD blog and weekly newsletter that gets sent out to parents and staff. Here you can find articles by our school administration and news from different departments. 

The ISD Youtube Page is a great place to get a feel for what life is like at ISD!

We house many of our pictures from different events on a Flickr Account. You can scroll through to see photos from different events.

We are on social media! Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and follow to see regular updates. 

Miscellaneous Articles & Videos About Dakar:

This is a great Dakar City Guide from The Independent with recommendations on things to do, places to eat, and more. 

Check out this guide from the New York Times on how to spend 36 Hours in Dakar. 

New York Magazine recently put out an Architect's Guide to Dakar which includes insider travel information from local experts. 

Dakar was selected as the host city of the 2022 Youth Olympic Games and put together some interesting facts about its host city - Get to Know Dakar.

The New York Times recently ran an article about street art in Dakar giving a glimpse of some local neighborhoods and the burgeoning international art scene. 

A Senegal Peace Corps volunteer put together a short video about hospitality in Senegal, specifically the tea ritual. 

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