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Our Favorite Long Weekend Getaways

Long weekends are always a treat! Some of our fondest memories in Senegal are from three and four day weekend getaways together and with friends. Here are our recommendations for getaways that are doable over a long weekend holiday and within a 5 hour driving distance from Dakar.

Rent a house on the Petite Cote

Use the AirBnB website or VRBO Site to find a house rental with a pool and an ocean view. There are homes to fit any price range. Go with friends, relax, eat well and imbibe. It makes for a perfect and easy get away. Side note: home rentals in Senegal will charge you for water and electric outside of the rental costs but it is a minimal charge.

Lac Rose Staycation

If you are looking for a quick getaway out of town but not keen on an overnight Lac Rose is a great option. Spend the day on quad bikes, camels, or just exploring. Make Bonaba Cafe your homebase and enjoy their relaxing atmosphere and delicious menu. Reservations are often necessary.

Sine Saloum Camping

The Sine Saloum has got to be our favorite getaway. Spend a weekend with friends camping with Dame. He will arrange camping sites, boat transportation, and deliciously fresh seafood meals. Bring your camping gear, swimsuits, and adult beverages. If you are lucky, the water will be active with bioluminescent creatures that light up like fireflies when you swim in the waters at night. It’s spectacular.

Dame Ndiaye

+221 774592533

Spoil Yourself in the Sine Saloum at Souimanga

The food is delicious, the atmosphere is relaxed and the Sine Saloum waters are accessible by a private dock off your bungalow. Perfect for a romantic or low-key weekend away with the family. Contact Souimanga Lodge well ahead of a long weekend as they book up quickly.

Baobab tree houses and Hyena Watching in the Sine Saloum

Les Collines de Niassam is a fun place to take visitors. You can stay on the water or in a treehouse built into a Baobab. They can arrange a tour for you to watch the hyenas come out of the mangroves at dusk. The food is delicious and the staff are friendly. This has been one of the favorites when visitors come to Senegal. There is no air con so it is best avoided in the hot season.

Perfection in Guereo

Definitely our favorite lodge in Senegal. The food is some of the best in the country, the service is always on point, and the atmosphere is beautiful. Les Manguiers de Guereo works to provide environmentally friendly accomodations and experiences. There are short hiking trails within the property, access to bird watching along the water, a beautiful pool, and let me restate, delicious food! This is not a cheap getaway but when you have had enough, a night or two here can completely restore you.

Explore Saint Louis

Saint Louis is in the north of Senegal and a great place for learning more about Senegal’s history. Stay at Ocean et Savane for a bit of relaxing and fun. It’s a little out of the city but worth it for the experience.

Ndem Village for a Baye Fall Experience

Ndem is a gem in Senegal. The community is more than welcoming and it is a great way to learn more about the Baye Fall community in Senegal. You can camp on site or at times they have small accommodations available for visitors. You do not need to worry about a language barrier as several people in Ndem speak English among other languages. Gaucher is a great contact if you are interested in this cultural experience.

I Wish I Would Have - Lompoul

Desert camping in Lompoul has been on our list since we arrived. There really is not a reason for not going and maybe, just maybe we will make it before we depart in 2 months. Don’t let this happen to you! Go and explore everywhere you can. Senegal is amazing and you should take advantage of the long weekends. We are always relaxed and restored after a weekend away. If we would have gone to Lompoul, I would have stayed at L’Ecolodge de Lompoul.


Adam Bishop, DP Language and Literature

Kayla Bishop, HS Counselor

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