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The Best Restaurants in Dakar

The restaurants on Beach Road in Almadies are always popular. This list is for when you’d like to venture a little further and enjoy some variety.

Plateau - Downtown Area

The neighbourhood is very busy during the day, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s actually quite pleasant in the evenings and on weekends.

Chez Farid - The best Lebanese in town. Lovely outdoor area. One of the few restaurants in town that has an informative website.

Classic Burger - American-style diner that serves burgers made from imported beef. Also serves American condiments and soft drinks. In addition to burgers, you can find chicken wings/nuggets/strips, “gourmet” hot dogs and soft serve ice cream on their menu.

Seoul - My favorite Korean restaurant (not to be confused with Séoul 2 - see below)

Eric Kayser - Local franchise of a popular French bakery. Good coffee, baked goods and a popular choice for breakfast/brunch.

Pause Douceur - A few steps into the place and it feels like you’ve left Dakar and have been transported to an adorably chic French café. One of my favorite brunch spots with yummy smoothies, salads, egg dishes, and the best pain perdu in the city.

For a special occasion:

Fuji - Simply put, the best sushi in Dakar, but it comes at a (very high) price!

Beluga - Hip cevicheria with excellent seafood dishes. Not for those on a budget.

La Parrilla - The place to go if you’ve craving a good steak. Beef is imported from Argentina, from the same restaurant group as Classic Burger and Beluga.

Other Neighbourhoods

Jardin Thailandais (Point E) - Thai restaurant where everything is delicious. Serves the usual suspects: green papaya salad, tom yum soup, green/red curry, pad thai, etc.

Hotel le Djoloff (Fann Hock) - A hip boutique hotel with a great rooftop restaurant, serving mostly tapas.

Séoul 2 (Sicap Karack) - This maquis (outdoor bar) is THE place to go for all things grilled (dibiterie), especially pork. Also serves other meats and whole fish, with sides like alloco (fried plantains) and attieke (ivorian-style cassava). It’s best to call and order in advance, unless you want to wait a very long time for your food. You’ll also get to know your fellow diners, as you’ll most likely be sharing a table with them.

Lulu Cafe (Mermoz) - Popular home interior store and café in walking distance from school. Serves what’s fresh and in season, with a small chalkboard menu of salads, sandwiches and bowls.

Francesca’s (Ngor) - homestyle Italian restaurant with delicious entrées (try the fried calamari), pastas and pizzas (thicker crust).

Sao Brazil (Ngor) - With a huge pizza oven, this is the place to go if you prefer thin crust pizzas. Popular with families as there’s a large children’s play area in the back.

Bayékou (Ngor) - Outdoor rooftop restaurant/bar. A popular party destination on a Friday night, but also a great choice for dinner any night of the week. Peruvian/Italian menu, known for its delicious ceviche and yummy pastas.

Contributed by:

Karalyn Yu, Grade 3 Teacher

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