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13 Things I Wish I'd Brought With Me to Dakar!

Everyone tells you that you can get everything you need in Dakar. This might be true but it is an expensive city and most imported goods are much more expensive than you'd expect! It's also sometimes easier to bring something than it may be to try to track it down in the city. We find ourselves bringing back lots of goodies after trips home.

Here is a list of 14 things I wish I'd brought with me to Dakar:

1. More shoes for myself and the kids.

2.  Children's books/ coloring/ activity books (and adult books in english for that matter)

3. Toys for kids! Lego sets are at least three times more expensive here

4. Blankets! It gets cold at night in the winter, especially indoors!

5. Pillows! You can find beautiful pillow covers in Dakar but the actual fill is expensive. 

6. More glass Tupperware for food storage 

7. Your favorite food/cooking supplies! It's not so easy to find everything in Dakar and if you do it can be expensive. I recommend packing any favorite spices or foods!


8. Makeup 

9. Vitamins for adult and children

10. Kids' pain medication

11. Extra stainless water bottle! It's inevitable to lose one and it's hard to replace.

12. Halloween costumes for warm weather 

13. Travel size toiletries! Again, not so easy to find in Dakar.


Jana Riley, MYP Art Teacher

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