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Household Help

Hiring Household Help

A majority of overseas teachers choose to hire a person to help keep the house clean. Many choose to hire a house cleaner to come a few times a week, while other families have full-time cleaners, cooks, and household helpers. There are also lots of great nannies, cooks, guards, gardeners, and drivers in Dakar. 

The price for household help varies greatly based on what services are being provided and how much time is required of them. Many house helpers are also able to help with grocery shopping, cooking, babysitting, feeding and walking pets, and more. You can discuss salary with your household helper with assistance from previous ISD families! It's also important to note that Senegalese law mandates payment for 13 months, with a 1-month bonus around Christmas or Eid time. It is an important part of your household helper's salary and ensures fair compensation.


House helpers that are fluent in English or French can also charge a premium. 

Hiring Nannies

Many families with young children hire full-time nannies to watch children while they are at work. You will also find that many ISD students have nannies or drivers that pick them up from school everyday. Most nannies will also help with housework or cooking, but some families choose to hire a separate nanny and maid. Developing warm and welcoming relationships with house help is common for our faculty. Many consider their nannies and maids part of the family! You will find Senegalese people in general very loving towards children. 

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