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Dakar Neighborhoods

Almadies: Almadies is an affluent neighborhood in Dakar, though many of its interior streets are still unpaved and sandy. Almadies is located near the beach and best surf in Dakar, and as such, there are many popular restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets in Almadies. Many NGO and UN offices are also located in Almadies, which makes the neighborhood popular with expats. The U.S. Embassy is located in Almadies as well. Popular restaurants include: Chez Fatou (brunch, burgers and a good happy hour), No Flaye (crepes and seafood), Cafe Layu (sandwiches and eggs), Sweet Coffee, (salads, sandwiches and coffee!) Sharky's (sushi, burgers, seafood), Redstone (burgers and tex-mex food), Le Cabanon (upscale seafood).


Ngor: Sharing a penninsula with Almadies, Ngor is a charming beach community. The plague d'Ngor is popular, as is the nearby Ngor Island, where you can spend the day on the beach or watch the surf. Popular restaurants include Cabane du Pecheur (seafood), Bayekou (Italian/Peruvian) Annapurna (Indian), Chez Seck (on Ngor Island, Senegalese/seafood), Maison d'Italie (on Ngor Island, Italian).


Mermoz: ISD is located in the Mermoz neighborhood. Mermoz is a residential area, though there are plenty of cafe and restaurants within its windy streets. Mermoz is located halfway between Almadies and downtown Dakar, which makes it conveniently located. Popular restuarants include Lulu's Cafe (salads, health food, coffee), Piazolla (Italian), L'Endriot (African), and Simone Cafe (Brazilian food, desserts).


Plateau (Downtown Dakar): Plateau was originally the central city of Dakar and is home to the most developed area in the city, with sidewalks, tree-lined streets and the Dakar Port. There are plenty of good restaurants in Plateau as well, and it is easier to find a variety of cuisines here. Popular restaurants include: Eric Kaiyser (brunch, bakery), Chez Farid (Lebanese), La Plancha (Argentinian), Feel Juice (bagels, salads, smoothies, health food).

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