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Cars & Vehicles

Many overseas hires choose to purchase cars when arriving in Dakar to facilitate travel. Buying and selling cars in Senegal can be complicated, due to the paperwork needed, but we have a great team that is here to help!

Many families choose to buy second-hand cars once they arrive in Dakar. A large sedan in good condition will cost around $10,000 USD. 

There are two types of license plates in Dakar, which will affect the type of car you purchase: 

  • You can purchase a vehicle tax-free, which comes with red license plates. Tax-free cars mean that you will save money on the purchase and transfer of your car. It does, however, mean that you will have a smaller audience to sell your car to when you leave.

    • Obtaining a license plate for a tax-free car can take 60 to 90 working days or even longer. 

  • You can also purchase a car on the local market with blue license plates. You can expect to pay from $7,000 to $11,000 USD or more for a decent two-wheel drive car.

    • Obtaining a non-tax-free license plate generally takes 1 to 2 weeks. 

  • ISD highly recommends purchasing a car with blue or white license plates as the process for obtaining a red license plate is extremely cumbersome and usually involves many delays. 

All cars must have valid insurance and the school will help with this. Generally, the school will recommend what is called the "standard" option.

We highly recommend that you DO NOT purchase a car before arriving. It is important that you physically see the car you will be purchasing to ensure its quality. All the cars listed on this document have verified paperwork. However, the school cannot verify the car's condition or it's mechanical quality. It is important to have cars brought to mechanics before purchasing!

For questions on car and vehicle purchases, please contact Helene, HR Assistant, at

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